Green Saver Mobile is not an app. 
It is a mobile friendly website.

4 simple steps to save on golf...
• Login
• Find the course you want to play
• Access that course's offers
• Check-in at the course
• Redeem 

Additional instructions are provided 
at the bottom of the page to help you 
optimize your phone for quick 
website access and login.
Click "Login Now" and use the 
login info provided in your Mobile Activation Email.
How It Works:

From your Mobile Phone go to:
Setting Up
User Name & Password
Auto Fill During Login: 

Go into your phone settings.
Click on 
"App & Website Passwords"
Click on 
"Add Password"
for the website and your 
User Name & Password
Click "Done" and that should do it. 
You will never have to manually
 enter your user name or password
again when you login.

Enjoy Your Savings!
Once you login the first thing you will see is the "Messages" window. 

You can scroll to see updates and
 announcements by placing your 
finger in that window.
Below Offer Stats is a complete 
list of all the courses and their
offers in alphabetical order. 

The "Offer Key" is a quick reference 
to show you the status of the offers
for that specific course.

Ball Not Checked = Offer Available
Ball Checked Green = Offer Used
Ball Checked Red = Offer Expired

Click on "Access Offers" for
golf course info and all of the 
details for each specific offer.
This is where you will 
"Redeem" your offers.
Below Search Offers you will see
 "Offer Stats" which shows you the
 number of offers available, the
 number of offers you have used 
and all of those values.
After clicking on "Access Offers" you
 will see the course's info. You can 
call the course by clicking on the
 phone number or map the course 
by clicking on the address. 
Below the course info is each
 individual offer with all of the 
details and restrictions. This is 
what you want to have up on 
your phone when checking in.

Show the offer on your phone to 
a course staff member and they 
will click on the golf ball that 
says "Redeem". 

Once redeemed, that offer will be checked off with a green check 
mark along with the date and 
time of redemption.
You will not be able to redeem any
 offers outside that offer's specific
policies and restrictions.

That's It!
Now Go Play!
This will give you quick and easy 
access to the website.

This example is for an iPhone but 
all phones should be similar.

After you access the Green Saver website login page, look for a box 
with an arrow icon at the bottom 
of your phone.
Click on the box with the arrow, 
and then look for a button that says
"Add to Home Screen". 
You might have to scroll left.
Click on "Add to Home Screen"
and you will then have the option to
 re-name the icon to Green Saver. 

Click on "Add" and that's it!
An App style icon will appear on 
your phone's home screen that 
links directly to the website.
Click on 
"Accounts & Passwords"
Below Messages you have the 
option to "Search Offers" using 
any combination of 5 different 
search criteria.
Mobile Phone

Setting Up A Website Link
Icon On Your Phone's 
Home Screen: