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Welcome to Colorado’s #1 Golf Discount Program!
Green Saver Book: $40
Now Accepting Bitcoin
Green Saver Mobile: $39
Green Saver Book & Mobile: $59
Four Easy Steps

• Step 1:  Email us at info@greensavergolf.com with Bitcoin in the subject line.

• Step 2:  We will replay to your email with a BTC Address or QR Code. Please allow 24 hours for our reply. If you do not see it within 24 hours, check your spam.

• Step 3:  Using your Cryptocurrency service, submit the exact BTC Address we provide with 
the correct dollar amount for the items you wish to purchase (see below).

• Step 4:  We will replay to your original email that we have received your payment.

We only accept Bitcoin so be sure to submit the exact BTC Address to 
Bitcoin only or your money will be lost.